Funniest Amazon Product Reviews

When Jeff Bezos founded Amazon back in 1994, he probably did not know to what extent the company would grow to, I mean initially the business only sold books! But 20 years have flown past and Amazon is the largest online retail service and comes in valued at a whopping $157 billion. I know, right? That’s just outrageous!

Now days you can pretty much buy anything you can think of! Name it, they’ve got it! And with their vast range of products comes the odd strange one that sparks up both confusion and hilarity. You think to yourself ‘why on earth are they selling that’, ‘why is there even a product like that on the market’, well long story short ‘why not?’ People are very peculiar, especially in current times and impulse purchasing (especially on the internet (for me especially when I’ve had a few to drink)) is at an all time high.

More and more of these strange products surface in the market everyday and with that comes the fantastic stories/reviews which people want to tell the world about. So in no particular order here are the 15 best reviews on Amazon.

1. For ‘Comic Gold’ and ‘Super Human Abilities’

Amazon Horse Mask

Amazon Review Horse Mask2

2. Perfect for the sudden “privacy” your kids may need

Amazon Kleenex

Amazon Kleenex3. “It pretty much tastes like chicken.”

Amazon RabbitAmazon Rabbit

4. For your own team of TMNT!

Uranium Ore

Uranium Ore

5. On par with Justin Bieber’s performance

Yodeling PickleYodeling Pickle

6. The rage over a banana is over.

Amazon BananaAmazon Banana

7. A lady deterrent

Amazon Star WarsAmazon Star Wars

8. Even ‘Heisenberg’ bought it!

Amazon CrystalAmazon Crystal

9. Need to make the right choice? Buy the binder!

Amazon BinderAmazon Binder

10. Perfect for the wife and kids!


11. A fine drop!

Wolf UrineWolf Urine


12. This book will make your insides bleed…


13. Momentously Moving, but can kill you from the inside



14. The problem is real….

Huge PenisHuge Penis

15. For everything you need to do whilst you drive

WheelmateWheelmateAll Image credit: Amazon

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