15 Bizarre X-Rays – How On Earth Did They Survive?

Little to say X-Rays can often determine the extent of damage which may have happened to you. But the following 15 exceptional humans have a little more to explain than your everyday break or fracture. They have truly got themselves into a situation only seen on ‘Final Destination’, but the catch being that they lived to tell the tale!

Let’s take a look at 15 Bizarre X-rays.



Patrick Lawler of Colorado met his match when he complained about a toothache to his dentist. Little did he know that six days earlier this construction worker’s nail gun backfired without him realising that one had embedded onto the roof of his mouth. He miraculously missed his right eye and brain by millimetres.

Patrick Lawler - 15 Bizarre X-Rays                                                Image Credit: NBC


Through the powers of social media this unfortunate Japanese male who goes by the screen name of @Grawly, well, establishes his problem to the nurse and the world.


Dildo xray - 15 Bizarre X-Rays                                                Image Credit: twitter: @Grawly


Simon Hooper in 2007 thought it would be a walk in the park trying to steal an engagement ring from a local jeweller. Little did he know that a metal detector can detect metal objects which have been ingested, and was put on ‘toilet watch’ until the ring emerged in his stool.

Simon Hooper                                                 Image Credit: Metro


We don’t always have the access to toothpicks, but have you ever thought of using scissors to clean your teeth? I think not? Chinese man Lin Kong thought it was a brilliant idea until his buddy told him a joke which resulted in him laughing and swallowing the scissors.

Lin Kong                                                  Image Credit: Telegraph


Here’s another scissors related incident, but it wasn’t swallowed, it was left in Pat Skinner’s abdomen by a surgeon. Well, it wasn’t on purpose, but rightfully he is demanding a large compensation.

Pat Skinner                                                 Image Credit: BBC


His friends call him the ‘Miracle Man’, and rightfully so. Ron Hull landed face first on a drill bit which was 18 inches long (45.2cm) and 1.5 inches in diameter (3.81cm). Yeah, a bad day at work one would think. How could things get worse? Well, long story short the surgeons best idea for removing the drill bit, was by hand. They unscrewed the whole thing out of his head….. Regardless to that Ron survived.

Ron Hull                                                    Image Credit: Anomalies Unlimited


Maybe he had a bright idea? Little do we know, or neither does he (so he says). A Pakistani inmate back in 2006 complained about abdominal pains only to find out that he had awoken with a light bulb buried in his anus.

Lightbulb                                                     Image Credit: Hyscience


Young Nicholas Holderman had little idea a small tumble could almost cost him his life, well neither did I for a matter of fact. In 2008, the toddler was playing with his brothers only until he fell onto a set of car keys which pierced his eyelid and embedded its self into the brain.

Miraculously surgery was successful and Nicholas made a full recovery.

Keys                                                    Image Credit: Splash News


Ever seen a chair leg embedded in a human skull? Well, Melbourne teenager Shafique el-Fahkri copped the raw end of the deal when attacked randomly at a nightclub. After a very complex operation in removing the chair leg whilst saving his eyesight Shafique has retained 95% of his sight.


Chair                                                 Image Credit: The Age


With 16 inches of pipework and a tap, Yi Zhao arrived at the hospital’s casualty unit. He had slipped in his bath and impaled himself with a tap through the eye socket.

But Zhao took actions into his own hands when the agony had got too much after 3 hours of assessment by doctors and surgeons. He studied the X-rays with his good eye and well, he pulled the tap out.

Tap                                                 Image Credit: Metro


Michael Hill of Jacksonville Florida was a victim of a random stabbing attack. The assailant stabbed him with a knife which embedded into his skull by an outrageous 8 inches. Despite suffering permanent injuries, Michael Hill survived this horrific ordeal.

Michael Hill - Knife in skull                                                    Image Credit: Kazor


I have no idea what possessed the thieves to pursue this avenue of assault, but none the less it happened. In Pakistan, a man got attacked by thieves, who inserted a glass Pepsi bottle into the man’s anus before fleeing the scene with two of his buffalos.

Pepsi                                                      Image Credit: Metro


Mirela Gradinaru from Romania turned up to the hospital with quite a medical mystery. She mysteriously got a can of hairspray stuck up her behind. Looking at the X-Ray, the can was quite large causing her to be in extreme agony and embarrassed for this terrible mishap.

Hairspray                                                   Image Credit: Metro


What appears to like an egg forming inside this man’s body is not quite what it seems. This is one of the largest kidney stones taken out of a human body. It came in at a whopping 17 centimetres in diameter and weighed close to 2.5 pounds! I hate to think what could have happened if he had to pass it through naturally…..

Kidney Stone                                                  Image Credit: Daily Mail


So. This one is… well, somewhat disturbing. Last year a man from Canberra Australia was admitted to hospital with a serious problem. He managed to get a common household fork stuck in somewhere no one in their right mind should stick cutlery in, his penis.

Apparently it was to satisfy his sexual appetite but lost the fork whilst performing the gratifying act. Little to say doctors were startled and found it difficult to comprehend, but with odd cases like this they opted to create a report titled ‘An Unusual Urethral Foreign Body’ which was published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports.

Fork - 15 Bizarre X-Rays                                                 Image Credit: News

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