15 Nostalgic Toys of the 90’s

In any generation, you were brought into the chances are there were many toys which were popular at the time, but not anymore. Technologically speaking the 90’s were a huge era for toy manufacturers. Finer manufacturing of mechanical and computerized toys were making a huge surge and boy did we reap the rewards for growing up in this fine decade. So think of the 15 most iconic toys of the 90’s. Here are 15 nostalgic toys of the 90’s.

1. Furbie

furbyImage: xiaxue

These little things were huge! If you didn’t have one, you wanted one. I owned one for a while then the whole trend out the window and it turned out to be a creepy ornament of sorts. The thing would start making sounds and talking at the most inconvenient of times. If I saw one today I’d probably kick this one into the stratosphere!


2. Tamagotchi

tamaImage: themilkclub

Virtual pets you had to feed. That’s pretty much what it was. Not going to lie though, this was a stepping stone to parenting. The thing craps its self, needs feeding and the attention it needed was just as overwhelming as having a small human child.


3. Pogs

pog1Image: doctorwhoone

Throwing the ‘slammer’ down onto the stack of pogs was totally epic. Sure they were only cardboard disks, but they had a lot more meaning especially when you grow up playing it. Playing for ‘keeps’ was the playground version of gambling and boy was it fun!


4. Pokemon Cards

pokemonImage: internetinfo4u

“Gotta catch em all” more like “Gotta collect em all”. This was an absolute epidemic in the 90’s. Collecting these were heaps cooler than coins or stamps and better yet it was pretty much a form of currency back then. What’s even better than that is the fact that it turned out to be the best pickup line of the 90’s. Nothing gets a girl more off than, “Do you wanna come over and check out my Pokemon card collection?” I’m certain it’s a scientific fact.


5. Super Soakers

super-soaker-50Image: eastcoast

Nothing said summer like pulling the cobwebs off this. Super Soakers as a child had such innocent intentions. They were designed to shoot water from a distance and ‘soak’ whoever was in sight. Now a days its more or less a fun way to dispense booze.


6. Beanie Babies

beanie babiesImage: treymorgan

So this was a collectible toy. Well, apparently. I didn’t own one myself, but the thought of owning one of these, was memorable to millions of people out there. Plush toys have been popular forever, and this was just what the kids of the 90’s remember so fondly.


7. Street Sharks

street-sharksImage: retrotvcartoons

Much like TMNT characters the Street Sharks characters were a massive hit in the 90’s. Any merchandise with these guys on it was going to be a top seller. It’s funny that sharks are awesome and cool when you’re younger, when realistically they are one of the most deadliest animals on the planet.

8. Tickle Me, Elmo!

tickle meImage: retroland

Sesame Street was pretty much the biggest learning curb back when you were under 10 years old. To this date, the ‘Tickle Me Elmo’ range is one of the most popular products from the Sesame Street franchise. Although cute at first and the laugh being infectious, this product is super repetitive like most the toys in the 90’s. So hope the batteries run dry quickly or you may become a mindless drone.


9. Cabbage Patch Kids

cabage patchImage: sheknows

Remember these bastards? The choice as a child back then was pretty much this or a Barbie. Unlike Barbies these dolls were much more modest in appearance which all in all was a better message for kids to receive.


10. Troll Dolls

trollImage: childrenofthenineties

Take a look at these meth heads with wild hair. The true use of these dolls were never really clear, except for the fact that everyone owned one. To me, they look like something used in witchcraft or some crazy voodoo shit.


11. Doodle Bears

doodleImage: fisherprice

Draw shit on some teddy bear and make your mum wash it. Seems simple, right? I guess it’s better than cleaning a wall or carpet….


12. TMNT

TMNT-ToysImage: kabooooom

Who would have in their wildest dreams thought that a group of turtles trained by a rat would ever get popular? No one I bet! The creativeness behind the creation of TMNT must have been assisted by some illicit substances. I just don’t see any other way. Regardless, these were my GI Joe, Batman or any other superhero. They were awesome.


13. Rollerblades

rollerbladesImage: surfd

The fashion statement that accompanied rollerblading was what made these fantastic. The knee pads, gloves, elbow and wrist guards, helmet and you still looked normal, if not cool!  Well, at least until you realized the bicycle was a lot more rational and practical.


14. Gameboy

gameboyImage: vg247

The best portable game ever made! Dare I say more? No need I think.

15. Nintendo 64

05_Flatbed_WEB - FEBRUARYImage: retroplayers

And what’s better than the best portable gaming device ever? The best gaming console EVER! The N64 still to this day is played by millions and I can almost guarantee that every 90’s kid still owns one or wants to own one. Mario Kart, Mario Party, James Bond, Zelda, Banjo Kazooie and plenty more will go down as some of the greatest games ever.

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