15 of the Worst Infomercial Products

Infomercials are designed to target everyday people and provide them with a solution to their everyday problem. Ironically this is where the problem is. These problems aren’t really of a pre-existing kind. More or less these companies want to assure that it is a problem to you by reinforcing the fact that their product is ‘revolutionary’ or a ‘one of a kind’.

A couple of buzz words is all it takes for some suckers to pick up their phone, only to realize the purchase is an absolute novelty. Once or twice and they’re done using it.

Well played to you companies out there. But the following infomercials are just so freaking outlandish, you wonder if anyone in their right mind will pay money for them. Here are 15 of the worst (or best) infomercial products out there!

Hawaii Chair

“Boy, that looks comfortable to work with”…..”I can totally concentrate on typing on my keyboard!”


Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask

Ever wanted a facial mask that can double as something you’d wear for a bank robbery?


Wearable Towel

How fancy. As an added bonus, you can smell like mold too!


EZ Cracker

I’ve never seen anyone crack an egg so hard against a counter. Lay off the steroids I’d say.


Comfort Wipe

So you’re telling me I get to wash the tongs instead?! F*** that’s so sanitary!


GoJo Hands-Free Headset

This was before the time of putting your phone on ‘loud speaker’. Well, at least I hope.


Hot Dog Man

I thought the old saying was ‘never play with your food’. I guess not.



Do you wish to have a social life? Have friends? Go to parties? Did you answer yes to all three? Well, stop playing with your balls. Look what happened to the guy in the ad. He looks like an eligible bachelor……


Music Vest

Nothing says cool like a vest. Said no one ever….


Cami Secret

I LIKE BOOBIES! You ruined it Cami Secret. You RUINED IT!

The Uroclub

“Just like you’re checking out your club”……… Why on earth are you next to the tree then?


Miss Cleo


Surely this has to be the biggest fraud to ever make the market. If I wanted to talk to a loon over the phone with, I would have called my mother and saved the money!


Slap Chop

What happens if I want to chop a watermelon?


Booty Pop

As a man, I feel ripped off by the existence of this product.


Potty Putter

Don’t even think about taking your smart phone.

For the next time, you’re taking a shit, have a putt! (Said no one ever)

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