17 Funniest Cover Letters and Resumes

As an employer seeking for the perfect applicant can be daunting and difficult. But every now and then they come across a gold mine. Something that is so mind-blowing and ballsy, that you have to pick up the phone and get a hold of him or her immediately. Well, that’s not quite the case for this list. As an employer, if you came across any of the following cover letters or resume you call the applicant and award them of your gratitude and the hilarity they provided you, but tell them to hit the curb.

Definite kudos for the creativity and ballsiness, but I think they may be lacking in other departments which didn’t land them the job opening.


These are the 17 Most Funniest Cover Letters and Resumes

1. Nothing like a trade of a post-graduate degree for some cold hard cash (preferably US currency).Funniest Cover Letters and Resumes                                Image Credit: Unknown


2. Let me be clear. If the price is right. I’m doing it!

17 Funniest Cover Letters and Resumes 2                           Image Credit: Someecards


3. If you don’t call I’m gonna be….

Cheers                      Image Credit: Cornonthejob


4. Eric, your personal attributes, and experiences are exceptional.17 Funniest Cover Letters and Resumes 3                         Image Credit: Imgur


5. I really hope they hired Ricky to let him tell his stories.

Ricky Resume                      Image Credit: FunnyorDie


6. A good person with a good soul. It’s a no brainer! Hire IMMEDIATELY!Good Resume                      Image Credit: College Humor


7. Previous Employment Include: Sales, Graphic Designer and Pot Dealer.Pot Dealer Resume                       Image Credit: Imgur


8. The most interesting man in the world, but yet to work for you.

Yet to work resume                       Image Credit: Imgur


9. Awwww Yeahhhhhh!

Awesome Resume                      Image Credit: Imgur


10. A degree and literate what more do you need?!

Give Job Resume                       Image Credit: Imgur


11. I’m looking for a job. I used to run a pretty successful operation!

Experienced Smuggler Resume                       Image Credit: BoingBoing


12. Unintelligent professors were the reason I dropped out….

Aliens Resume                      Image Credit: Imgur


13. Forget about the other candidates. I am the BEST!

Office Manager Resume                      Image Credit: Buzzfeed


14. Nothing sells a cover letter like a picture of Nic Cage…

Nic Cage Resume                      Image Credit: Uproxx


15. You may be too over qualified for this position. Let me get a second opinion.

Mike da Bomb Resume                      Image Credit: Imgur


16. Don’t text me, it’s gay. – Mike “Da Bomb.”

Mike Da Bomb Resume                      Image Credit: Imgur


17. “Are you going to hire me or not?” I’m guessing not…

Why didn't you hire? Resume                        Image Credit: Someecards


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