19 of the Most Expensive Materials in the World

In the world we live in, the price of products are hitting new heights. Things are getting more and more expensive. Affordability is something that is underused in this day and age it has become somewhat of a myth. I know it’s shit. The economy is a gigantic whirlpool of our hard earned cash and the ‘bang for the buck’ is no longer. But regardless of being rich or poor somethings are just stupidly overpriced. It’s seriously true. Before I started reading up on anything, I knew a whole ‘3’ things on the list. Well, mind you I was thinking a little narrow-minded and forgot to mention some of the more ‘explicit’ materials. But disregarding that, this is the 19 of the most expensive materials on earth.

19. White Truffles: $5 per gram

white truffles                                                                        Image: BBC

This $2,000 per pound delicacy is one rare mushroom. Only found in a certain part of Italy and harvested by specially trained pigs. Regardless chefs around the world find these mushrooms just ‘heavenly’ and ‘delicious’. Not sure what the fuss is about. It’s a mushroom!


18. Saffron: $11 per gram

saffron                                                                      Image: huffingtonpost

Saffron is picked from the center of the crocus flower and its applications are for cooking and medicine. Crazy to think it’s 11 bucks per gram for a portion of a flower.


17. Iranian Beluga Caviar: $35 per gram

caviar                                                                 Image: mscaspian

This caviar is said to be the most expensive caviar in the world. The only this I don’t understand is what is the big deal about caviar. It’s said to be a delicacy (no matter what fish it came from) but at the end of the day it’s just eggs. I’ll take one from a chicken any day.


16. Gold: $35 – $40 per gram

Gold-Nuggest                                                                  Image: makemoneyinlife

Gold is that pretty and malleable stuff that people have been creating jewelry out of since the dawn of civilization.


15. Rhodium: $45 per gram

Rhodium 78g sample                                                                  Image: Gold Eagle Coins

Rhodium is one of those unheard of metals. Yes, it is on the periodic table but no one knows what it does. Well, I can answer that. It is used in catalytic converters, more so for cars, as it converts toxic gasses into something that is less noxious. But it can also be served in electroplating and applications for jewelries.


14. Platinum: $48 per gram

Platinum                                                                   Image: mydiamonds

Used as jewelry (usually rings or bracelets), music accomplishments and apparently in some medications. You hear about platinum, but you never realize ‘how much’ it actually costs. $48 per gram? If I wanted something smooth and shiny I’ll stick to aluminum foil thanks.


13. Rhino horn: $55 per gram

rhino-horn                                                                   Image: asianscientist

Word on the grapevine is that rhino horn can cure cancer and other medical ailments. What a crock of shit. Unnecessary I’d say. The rhinos are already endangered, what happens when we kill them all? We save a handful of people. Whoopty Doo!


12. Creme de la Mer: $70 per gram

La Mer beautydujour                                                                Image: beautydujour

I’m not sure what the hype is all about. The cream apparently reverses the signs of aging through the use of kelp. Yeah kelp! That seaweed stuff you find on the ocean floor. Only catch is you are paying $2,000 per ounce for it to come in tub form. Although it is developed by a NASA physicist it won’t stop me from swimming to the ocean floor to get the stuff first hand.


11. Heroin: $110 per gram

heroin                                                                Image: Complex

Heroin can be snorted, smoked and injected and has remained somewhat popular. The opiate causes you to have an amazing euphoric high, which is pleasant and all, but the death toll on this one is pretty high.


10. Methamphetamine: $120 per gram

meth2                                                                 Image: psychiatry

Methamphetamine has been clinically used in low doses to treat ADHD and obesity but in super rare cases. Most commonly it is a recreational drug that is super addictive and as seen on “Breaking Bad” the side effects may deter you from using it.


9. Crack Cocaine: $600 per gram

crack                                                                      Image: rapgenius

This super-addictive drug is derived from cocaine. The stuff gives you an intense high for a short amount of time, but it accounts for thousands of deaths per year. A lot of those ‘smacked out’ people you see on TV or movies use this stuff and can have many psychological and physiological effects on your body.


8. LSD: $3,000 per gram

lsd                                                                    Image: bavatuesdays

Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) also known as “acid” is a psychedelic drug which causes wicked hallucinations (so they say). Apparently the drug is extremely low in toxicity in controlled doses, non-addictive and is not known to create any brain damage, but that is not to say that it has some adverse effects of: paranoia, anxiety and delusions.


7. Plutonium: $4,000 per gram

Plutonium 238                                                                      Image: dailytech

Nuclear weapons, some spacecrafts, and nuclear power plants need plutonium to operate, hence the price tag that accompanies it. But depending on what kind of plutonium the value you may get out of it can outstanding. Ranging from 88 years to 80 million years, this material may be a wise investment over time.


6. Taaffeite: $2,500 – $20,000 per carat

taaffeite                                                                  Image: thegemtrader

It is said that the Taaffeite is one million times rarer than diamonds and is exclusively used in jewelry. Till 1945, this gemstone was often misidentified as spinel as it shared similarities in both color and texture.


5. Tritium: $30,000 per gram

Tritium                                                              Image: militarysystems-tech

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen and commonly used in exit signs as it gives off a low light naturally. Cool right? Well, be careful when handling anything with tritium in it as it is radioactive.


4. Diamonds: $13,000 per carat, $65,000 per gram

???????                                                             Image: diamondexchange

Diamonds are a girls best friend. Well, I’d say get f***ed! All credit should go to the one that purchases her one of these. It is said to be the 4th most expensive material in the world, so gents make it count when giving one of these away.


3. Painite: $300,000 – $600,000 per carat

painite                                                                    Image: gemsofheaven

It is said that Painite is the rarest stone on the planet. This rock before 2005 had an existence of fewer than 25. Yeah, only 25 ceased to exist before 2005. Since then more have been discovered and people have been specifically on the hunt for this precious stone.


2. Californium-252: $27 million per gram

Californium 252 tourism destinations                                                                  Image: therealbest

This is number two because it pretty much detects other materials within the earth. Californium 252 in isotope format can detect silver, gold, oil and water levels. I am not overly sure how much of it you need to use at a time, but the price tag can be understandable considering what it actually does.


1. Antimatter: $100 trillion per gram

antimatter                                                                  Image: homewebcern

This is purely hypothetical at the moment. Antimatter is yet to be harnessed for our purposes, but the thought behind it is to use it for long distance space travel. Sounds promising if it actually happens!

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