20 Most Annoying Things People Do Whilst Driving

For the majority of us driving is a part of our day to day lives. No matter what time of the day it may be, there are places to go and people to see. We have shit to do. But when you’re driving you come across people who like to think they own the roads which all of us drive on (most drivers are fine). Those few drivers can potentially ruin your day and make you rage over something insignificant. It is generally about road etiquette and some people just can’t grasp the basics. Here are 20 most annoying things people do whilst driving.



aeNzxBW_460saYou don’t need to be so close to my car!


Driving under the speed limit

anigif_enhanced-buzz-32015-1382391268-30Pensioners and Sunday drivers can all speed the hell up!


People who don’t let you merge

Do not be rude.


When people cut you off

a6dyNOb_460sa_v1Sometimes they save you from something bad. But most of the time they are a bunch of assholes


Speed up when you’re trying to overtake

tumblr_m1kzh3HakI1qa6lp8They speed up just as you drive up next time. Come on! What’s the point?!


Drivers on their mobile phone

anigif_enhanced-buzz-30381-1384808270-15Don’t f*** with the rules!

Cut in and out of traffic

pM0DMSome people are in a rush. I can sympathize. But sometimes ‘no f***’s are given!


Don’t wave back

kejtbOne of the biggest pet hates when driving. Profanities fly wild when they don’t wave


People who don’t indicate

anigif_enhanced-buzz-25209-1382246535-4How freakin’ hard is it!!!


People who don’t turn off their indicator

i2fun.com-0711112113How ignorant are you to ignore the constant ticking?


Someone stealing your parking spot

giphyNo explanation needed.


When someone lets everyone else in front of them

tumblr_m5pqzzdQqh1rrv52pI know they’re been sincere and all but COME ON! Everyone?!


Cyclists, not following road rules

iMKl48dvaJtHCThey don’t pay any road taxes and they think they own the road. It makes me RAGE!


Drivers who show off at the most unnecessary time

1392They usually speed off or screech their tires at traffic lights. WHY?


Drivers who are slow at traffic lights

6363MOVE! Pay attention to the road!


Driving too fast or too slow in weather conditions

but-whyIt’s so unnecessary to change your driving drastically. Adaptability is what you want!


People who can’t park

bbfpThere are way too many assholes that double park. F*** you to all of you out there!


Indecisive when turning



Excessive use of the horn

loud-noisesWe are bumper to bumper what’s you honking the horn going to achieve? Seriously!


High beams

brendan-fraser-crying-leaving-club-daytimeMy eyes, my eyes! Oh, please turn them off!


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