20 Craigslist Ads Which Are Awesome, Hilarious or Creepy

Like eBay and Amazon, Craigslist has become a well-established domain when it comes to buying something for a steal. It allows you to search for things that you didn’t even know existed. The only thing that is different about Craigslist is the fact that you can use it as a classified section. You can buy, sell, and search for products and services. It’s amazing!

People can openly search for anything in a localized area. It just makes life easier.

But with open searching comes strange requests and advertising. Most of the time, you skim past it, but on the odd occasion a hidden gem gets uncovered. Whether it is the creativity of the ad or just the pure weirdness of what someone is wanting, the ad becomes a viral sensation. People are definitely a lot more unique with what they do or what they want and Craigslist caters for them all. So here are 20 Craigslist ads which are awesome, hilarious or just outright creepy.

 A lonely widower

3                                                    Image: funnylovelifequotes


 Used but still good

4                                                                     Image: Smoosh


In need of a team!

5                      Image: bigfootlunchclub


A chiropractic adjustment with a twist

6                    Image: Complex


I’m pretty certain that’s not a bracelet…

1                       Image: samesame


Deceased estate?

2                             Image: hellogiggles


Exercising at home? No problem!

hamster                         Image: Craigslist


Do you like free things? Well, come and get it

7Image: Imgur


Please take him to a new home

8Image: Imgur


One sentimental Dorito

9                                   Image: Imgur


Not so much of an ad, but it’s still awesome

10                              Image: Imgur


Gotta pay the bills!

11                              Image: Imgur


The best Toyota Camry ad EVER!

12                   Image: gawkerassets


Want to appeal to the opposite sex? A MUST buy

13                              Image: Craigslist


In need of an awesome roommate? Look no further

14Image: Imgur


Van Damme Approved



Image: Imgur


Take a pick. Wife or bike

16Image: Huffington Post


I’m not sure if this is technically a dating application….

17                        Image: Complex


 Every vote counts

18                    Image: Complex


Perhaps it’s time to reshape?

19                     Image: Complex





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