22 Hilarious Break Ups – The Best Around the Web

Traditionally speaking, when a relationship runs its course the respective parties part ways amicably or more often don’t. Break ups used to be face to face and proper. But where’s the fun in that? With the uprising of Facebook, smart phones and the internet, in general the modern breakup is presented to a mass audience. And boy do I love it!
Soap operas on televisions are the thing of the past. Social media does all the heavy lifting, on the provision that you have some dysfunctional friends who just loves sharing their fortunes and misfortunes (but who doesn’t know of anyone like this?). I mean some are really tragic and disheartening, but for the rest of it, it is simply comical. So bring out the popcorn, here are some of the best!

The power of honesty is valid until the end…

Break Up                                      Image Credit: Amy Allen – Pinterest


Some people are just oblivious and don’t see it coming

Break Up                                            Image Credit: JokesGalore


Oh, the tragedy! A modern example of a breakup.

Break Up                                          Image Credit: Failbook


He knows his priorities I guess…

Break Up                                                Image Credit: Smartphowned


“Hey. You asked for it”.

Break Up                                     Image Credit: Smoosh


Sometimes you just know that something is up.

Break Up                                               Image Credit: Smartphowned


Good Point!

Break Up                                     Image Credit: Dailypix


Just like that. It’s all over…

Break Up                         Image Credit: Lamebook


Huh?! Who’s cheating on who?

Break Up                                           Image Credit: Imgur


That awkward moment when…

break Up                                               Image Credit: Sharenator


Michael knows exactly what the rules are in the game!

Break Up                                  Image Credit: Imgur


I hope he signed a prenup.

Break Up                                     Image Credit: Amy Allen – Pinterest


Why not on national television!

Video Credit: Youtube


Morris may or may not be stupid. Judge for yourself.

Break Up                                     Image Credit: Cheezburger


Sometimes we just know why it didn’t work.

Break Up                                     Image Credit: Failbook


A fun little game!

Break Up                                    Image Credit: Babble


Feelings are hard.

Break Up                                    Image Credit: Buzz Feed


She’s a crip. Need I say more?

Break Up                                    Image Credit: Babble


Dear Michael.

Break up                                    Image Credit: iVillage


Boy, the women love paying for billboards with their joint accounts.

Break Up                                    Image Credit: FunnyJunk


Feel the RAGE!

Break Up 21                                   Image Credit: Babble


Oh Jennifer. You made the news!

Break UpBreak UpBreak UpBreak UpBreak Up 26                                     Image Credit: Daily Mail


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