22 Parenting Tips That You Should Probably Follow

Parenting. It can be daunting, rewarding or just plain confusing. Having your first child will be a handful and absolutely overwhelming. As much as you think that you’re capable and ready, the chances are much more likely that you’re not.

In reality ‘prepared childbirth’ is just a contradictory term. The unexpected is going to blindside you like a linebacker sacking the quarterback. It’s, unfortunately, how it is, and how it’s always been. Truth be told you probably don’t want to hear this (if you are going to be a first time parent), but, soon after you have your child you will most likely suffer the worst health you have been in (possibly EVER). You are almost certainly going to be; sleep deprived, malnourished, barely conscious and ironically ‘spitting the dummy’ much like the baby.

It is painstaking hard work.

But lucky for you ‘parents-to-be’, David and Kelly Sopp are here to the rescue. The Sopp’s have published a book ‘Safe baby handling tips’ which provides you with the ‘do’s and dont’s when caring for your new bundle of joy.

So, when you are confused, distressed or even befuddled with the small human you are nurturing. Turn to this book! It’s outlandish humor is going to keep you going on the straight narrow and maybe even get you to forget your troubles at the grimmest hours. I guarantee it!

So without further delay, here are some of the best tips provided in the book. Enjoy!

Shopping with babyBaby SleepChoosing BabysitterExercising babyStimulating BabyDrying BabyNursing BabyBuckling BabyBonding BabyPlaying babyWashing BabyWaking BabyPets BabyCalming BabyBundling BabyGames Babyteething BabyContaining BabyLifting BabyChecking Diaper BabyFeeding BabyChanging Diaper Baby

All Image Credit goes to David and Kelly Sopp. Go buy their book at Amazon!

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