25 of the Sluttiest Halloween Costumes

The Sluttiest Halloween Costumes

With Halloween always around the corner, it’s time to get a costume that hides your boner. With every year that goes by, I swear to god, women seem to lose a piece of clothing. They believe it’s the only day of the year in which they get a hall pass and wear as little as they please. For me personally, I don’t mind at all, I actually love it. Whether it’s a slutty nurse, a slutty cat or in fact anything that is remotely revealing is A-OK for me. So ladies take note if you want to look slutty as all hell this coming Halloween. because here are 25 of the sluttiest Halloween costumes.

“You’re under arrest!”, Hell Yes!

slutty halloween costumes

A Jack O Lantern that is mesmerizing more so than spooky…

sluttiest halloween costumes

The Almighty Thor

slut halloween costumes

Christina Aguilera as a nurse. Um YES!

halloween slut costume

(Jaw Drop) Awesome!


Some creative body paint placement and fishnets. That will work just fine!


Borat’s mankini is unisex. Too bad there isn’t a shot from behind.


There is something seductive, innocent and slutty about this one. But she’s totally pulling it off!


A classic that always works.


Who would have thought that the ‘Firefox’ logo can be turned into a slutty outfit?


Seems like she’s breaking a few rules. But I’d totally join a church if this was the case.


Bees can be hot. Like really hot!


Bernie and Ernie totally got hot.


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“Reporting for duty!”


It will be the day that female referees wear high heels on the field. Would purposely get on her bad side.


Flight Attendant or Cowgirl? Could be one of the toughest life decision ever!


Spongebob isn’t quite G-rated anymore


TMNT = Boob tubes, skimpy bottoms and different coloured bandanas. PERFECT


A slutty Chinese takeaway box? Sure why not!


Harry Potter could have benefited with outfits like these.


How about just body paint? Works for me!


A naughty nurse, an oldie but a goodie.


“Please arrest me!” I beg of you.


Alice in Wonderland costume in Latex. (drooling profusely)


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