27 Funniest Apology Notes

When you do something wrong the normal thing to do is to apologize. But you know what, apologies can be quite difficult. Depending on the magnitude of the f*** up you did, and if  it’s not done properly, an apology can make the situation even worse than it already is. These will make you laugh and smile no matter how far up shit creek you may be.


The 27 funniest apology notes

More than a pinched nerve.

Funniest Apology Notes                                                     Image: News


Giving back to mother nature

Best Apology Notes


Apology accepted!

Awesome Apology Notes                                                     Image: truefail


How do you top a BJ?

5                                                     Image: Reddit


Sorry for partying too hard

4                                                     Image: Reddit


A well-deserved apology

6                                                     Image: Cheezburger


Hormonal imbalance can have consequences

20                                                     Image: Imgur


Not ‘love thy neighbor’?

7                                                     Image: Neatorama


This seems super Canadian….



For the damages of your apartment and cat

8                                                     Image: FunnyImages


This may hurt. I’m sorry

11                                                     Image: DailyDawdle


Just a little ‘heads up’.

12 .                                                    Image: Imgur


Forgive me I’m drunk

13                                                     Image: happyplace


She can’t see this message

19                                                     Image: funfoll


Nothing says sorry like a free coupon

14                                                     Image: Imgur


It was worth the consequences

15                                                     Image: Imgur


A sentimental apology

16                                                     Image: FunnyQuotesPicPhoto


I am Ketsia and I am a rock thrower

17                                                     Image: FunnyPictureQuotes


A great apology for something that seems insignificant

18                                                     Image: Pinterest


I’m hoping this isn’t as bad as it says it is

21                                                     Image: Buzzfeed


Sorry for dicking around

22                                                     Image: Imgur


Lee you have been forgiven

23                                                     Image: Imgur


Caught red handed

24                                                     Image: Imgur


“I thought it was a joke at first.”

25                                                     Image: Imgur


This message is infectious

26                                                     Image: Imgur


Nothing like a drawing of the ‘Death Star’ to say sorry

27                                                     Image: Imgur


Oh, the irony

28                                                     Image: Imgur


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