30 Hilarious Job Titles – Self Proclaimed Or Not It’s Awesome

Whether you’re watching the news or maybe some of your favourite shows, time and time again you come across some characters which are just plain; strange, weird, unusual or even all of the above. They spark telltale signs that just tell you that you should probably avoid them at any cost. Well, for the most anyway. Like fictional characters in a realm of mystery, you’d imagine that the stories within television do not translate to real life, well, at least I hope so.

The following people have enlisted themselves in front of a mass audience with the job title which most people wouldn’t admit to. Just like fictional characters they have become viral sensations in unimaginable ways. Their creativity and idiocy has made its way on the internet and sure enough on to this page. So here are 30 hilarious job titles around the web!


Porn Historian

Ranch Guy

Head Reciever

Inventor of Rimjobs

S&M Admin


Shredded Cheese Authority

Smarties Expert

Sperm Donor


The Viking

The Wizard



In Charge of Big Things

Bonified Boner


Cat Behaviour Consultant

Creator of Clouds

Cool Kid

Leader of Elephants

Erection Engineer

Head of Fun Club


The White House Ho

Space Lawyer

MILF Commander

Party Hat Master

Make Up Engineer

Pork Rind Specialist

Louie CK

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