35 People Who Had One Job and Failed Miserably

For the most part, I can sympathize when someone makes a mistake. We’re only human, after all. Heck, I make them all the time. But sometimes you just don’t understand how something so simple can be misunderstood. You had one job!

Gee she looks swell at a 90-degree angle!

Jurassic Park had the worst supervisor EVER!

No F***’s were given on the job.

HOW?! Worst practice swing EVER!

Even the Olympics can’t get it right.

Hey, New York, I’m Big Anus.

Nailed it!

I was planning to kneel down and check out who was in the room…..

Close enough!

At least when you’re finishing the can its right side up….

Superhero cross dressing in disguise.

Should have taken spelling more seriously….

At least that paved area won’t need any water for some time….

Your job is to edit, EDITOR!edit

It was 50 50 and you still managed to get it wrong.

edit 3

 Makers Mark now comes with a complimentary candle


Nice try Africa!

Just limbo into the room…..

Mmm…. I feel like a co… I guess not

Mixed messages

There’s a solution for bike riders. Don’t ride bikes….

This is what an unripe watermelon looks like….

So much for that idea….

I think he may have got fired.

Is he sitting on his head?

STPO? Does that mean GO?

Great sales technique

A ‘nice try’ medal for everyone


There’s nothing like authentic Hispanic food….

Park amongst mother nature

Johnny Hekker is just trying out a new look!

Practice your gymnastics in the stairwell

Nothing says Christmas like ‘The Star of David.”

 I’m not even sure how this happens….

Seems welcoming



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