7 Reasons Why Everyone Can Calm Down About Ebola

We all have heard what the Ebola Virus can do and how devastating it can be. Well for all of you who are shit scared of Ebola, here are 7 reasons why everyone can calm down about the virus.

1. Harder to contract than you think


First of all Ebola isn’t airborne. Yeah, the shit doesn’t float around for you to breathe in. So in contexts it’s not as ‘easy as catching a cold’, otherwise it would actually be an epidemic situation. The CDC pretty much tells you to follow a fairly regular protocol of ‘washing your hands’ and ‘stay sanitary’ if you come in contact with anyone who has contracted Ebola. Gee thanks for the heads up, I was planning on licking my hands after my handshake.


2. It’s all about the hype

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The government and media have pretty much blown this one way out of proportion. Yes, it is horrible. Yes, it does kill people. But out of Africa how many people have actually died? I’m pretty sure the last time I checked the figure was below 50 in the first world. To put into perspective, it’s about the same amount of homicides in Detroit every 55 days. You don’t seem to hear too much about Detroit anymore. People just accepts the fact that Detroit is dangerous, no arguments here, but unlike homicides Ebola can be treated.


3. Third world country = third world care

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Unfortunately if you are living in a country which is described as third-world you are probably out of luck. Most of Africa is stricken with poverty and disease, and it doesn’t get any worse when it comes to their healthcare system. The thing about countries like USA and most of western Europe is their availability of resources, something which these third-world nations do not have. If the disease did hypothetically reach epidemic proportions in the USA, they can throw enough money, prescriptions and experimental drugs to try and cure it. And if all fails they have a world class quarantine to contain it all. Something that is definitely lacking in Africa.


4. Ebola shouldn’t be your biggest worry

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So the disease has been all over the TV, the internet and people are reaching out like it’s the end of the world. Big f***en deal. What stories like this do is pose an unnecessary threat level to freak everyone out. I mean I am all for raising awareness, but, really guys? People are going bananas over this so called disease/plague. But guess what? There are so many more illnesses people should be aware of, like the common flu. The flu or influenza kills thousands upon thousands every year all over the world.  Sure the majority of the deaths involve infants or the elderly, but thousands die from this ever so common sickness. Now compared to Ebola which is supposedly at an ‘epidemic’ level and has killed a little over 3,000. I’d say calm the f*** down!


5. Fatality is not always the case

Sub-Zero_Fatality_MK2                                                                Image: mortalkombat

So you’ve contracted Ebola, you think your life is over. Well, not exactly the case. People with the right care can survive this so called plague. The media concentrates more on the death count than those who actually survive the ordeal. The scary thing about Ebola is the fact that there is no current cure for the virus, so people more or less fight the virus off themselves. Amazing.


6. Scare tactics for money

12In simple terms, the Ebola virus is a scare tactic to earn some coin. Magazines, Newspapers, Blogs and whatever else want to earn money and attention for a story like Ebola. It gets million of million of viewers interested in the one topic, and there is plethora of future articles which can be published. It essentially is the proverbial ‘money tree’ for those in journalism.


7. Airports are on alert

090428_p01_swine                                                                       Image: koreatimes

All passengers within the Ebola affected regions are closely screened. If Ebola was to spread into the first world countries it would have to be through air travel. As long as airports are a point of quarantine the virus is contained within the infected region. Protocols like these are where you can secure the safety of other countries.

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