8 Times We Have All Related to the Characters From ‘Friends’


By Claire Pulpher


Ahh, Friends. A wonderful little TV programme that many of us have followed since the nineties. Who would have thought that the fictional lives of 6 seemingly innocent characters could come into our own lives and quite simply exist as a reminder that sometimes, life sucks? And when it does, we are not alone.

Here is a list of possibly the most poignant and appropriate times that the gang have helped us to remember that, when the rain starts to fall, they’ll be there for us.


1. When Joey tries to speak French

Okay, so when I tried to learn French, this was literally me. Completely. When I spoke, all I heard was a sexy little voice that oozed lust, romance and sensuality. What I really sounded like? A sleepwalking 12-year old who was having an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

Joey’s dreadful French episode wasn’t just accurate for learning the language of love, but also pretty spot on for whenever we have tried to impress anyone with our vocal talents. Whether it’s a phone interview, public speaking or giving a presentation, Joey reminds us that we are definitely not alone.

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2. When Ross tries to flirt with Caitlin

I love Ross. The way he gels his hair. The way he knows so much about dinosaurs and the homoerotic era (or something like that). The way he grew so fond of a monkey. But you know what made me even more attracted to that rugged man? His flirting.

Possibly THE MOST cringeworthy moment in Friends is when Ross’ flirting amounts to an in-depth explanation as to why gas smells.

But you know what? It made me realise that when I’m trying to chat to a hot guy and my mouth won’t open, or when I try to do a sexy wink at the man across the room and it instead looks like I’m having a seizure — I could never be as bad as Ross.

ross flirt

3. When Chandler went back to Janice

Oh. My. God.

For those of you who don’t know how bad this woman is – poor Chandler had to eventually travel to YEMEN to get out of her trap.

But before that, Chandler willingly went back to her after a few lucky escapes SEVERAL TIMES.

Why would he do that? Maybe because Chandler, like all of us at some point, had such a powerful feeling of love that he put up with the crazy woman that she is. Maybe he just couldn’t resist that sexy cackling laugh. But I think it’s fair to say that all of us, one time or another, have crawled back to a crazy ex.

chandlers exrebloggy.com

4. When Rachel bought THE cat

Most of us, when we’re after a companion, buy a furry, cute little kitten or puppy or maybe even a hamster. Rachel buys a $1000 hairless, wrinkly, evil cat.

But who can judge her? Can you honestly say every elaborate purchase you have ever made has been completely thought through? I mean, I once bought a collectable teddy bear for £500. Say no more.

So no, a stupidly expensive rat – I mean cat – probably wasn’t the best purchase Rachel ever made. But she sure made me feel better about my equally bad decisions at the checkout.

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5. When Monica broke up with Richard

I hate watching those scenes. As funny as it is when Monica cries over finding Richard’s hair in her shower and for the multiple moustache-related jokes, my heart bleeds for her having to end the relationship with the love of her life over their differences.

I actually happened to go through a very difficult break-up when I watched those scenes and do have to thank Monica Geller for helping me get through it. We’ve all been hurt by a Richard.

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6. When Ross said the wrong name

Oh dear. Sadly, people saying the wrong name is more common than it probably should be. Ross’ case was a bit extreme, yes, announcing the wrong BRIDE, but it can still be pretty lethal to call your girlfriend the name of your ex when you’re, you know, getting it on.

Ross – narrowly – survived this incident, but I’m pretty sure other guilty parties may not have been so fortunate…

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7. When Phoebe tries to find a selfless good deed

Bless Phoebe. Bless her weird little bright orange cotton socks. When Joey gets a job on the phones for PBS, he challenges her that there are no selfless good deeds. She of course decides to prove him wrong by doing things like letting a bee sting her (which ultimately killed the bee) and donating money to the charity that she hates (which got Joey on TV and made her feel fantastic).

Since I saw this episode I have been extremely conscious of finding a selfless good deed. Maybe Phoebe’s faith in humanity was enough to make us all a bit more aware of being truly selfless when doing something for someone else. Or maybe she should have just let a WASP sting her instead.

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8. When they all move on

If you didn’t shed a tear during the final episode, you’re as cold as Chandler and need some chicken soup for the soul.

Not only did Ross and Rachel decide that they were sick of being on a break and Monica and Chandler had someone else’s twin babies but they all kind of realised that gone were the days of poking sticks at ugly naked guys and finding out their hand twins. They were all thirty-somethings that needed to move on and settle down.

And it makes you realise that one day, your crazy Bamboozle-playing, moistmaker sandwich-eating days will be over too.

So make the most of the Phoebes, Ross’, Rachels, Joeys, Chandlers and Monica’s in your life. Love your very own Gunther in your local coffee shop. If you have a Mr Heckles living above you or next door, remember he was your age once. And most importantly of all, NEVER and I repeat NEVER go to Minsk.

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