Annoying Things Other People Do In Public

No matter where you go in the world there is always someone that just pisses you off. Whether they’re rude, inconsiderate or outright stupid, they infuriate you. Your blood starts to boil, grey hairs are immediately starting to push through and steam is literally coming out of your ears. Oh, the RAGE! But then again who’s to say that I don’t do anything annoying. I think at one point or another we all become hypocrites of our own work. Regardless to that here are the 10 most annoying things other people do in public.

1. Sniffling

a                                                              Image: shuttershock

I can understand that it is better than making a meal of it, but it definitely gets on our nerves. Whether you’re on a train, taking an exam or sitting at a cafe enjoying your coffee, you just notice it. And the more that you notice the louder it gets.


2. Spitting

b                                                                    Image: hdwallpapers

Pretty straightforward. Keep it in your mouth! A revolting action that should only stay within the confines of your bathroom. In public it will quickly get you repulsed by whoever that saw you do it.


3. People Who Walk Slowly

c                                                               Image: 1000stupidthings

I’m not saying that I’m in a rush to get anywhere, but it doesn’t mean that we have to travel as fast as a tortoise with two legs. Seriously, they just dawdle around like no one else is around them. There are a few exemptions for the old people and the handicapped, but for the rest of you, you should hurry the f*** up!


4. Chewing or eating loudly

d                                                                Image: fashionforacure

Didn’t your mother always chew with your mouth closed? Well, she was right and you should definitely abide by those words. We DON’T need to see what you are eating. It’s disgusting!


5. Parents not giving a shit!

e                                                                 Image: lifehacker

I’m not a big fan of kids, but hey I deal with it. But then again it’s not always the child itself. More often or not I think it is the parent that should learn how to control the little shit’s. They run around, scream, yell, cry and get in your way. What’s worse than that is the fact that we can’t really do anything about it. If they bump into you, you’re the one that looks like that harmed the kid. Great! Just another lose-lose situation I’m stuck in.

6. Talking too loud

f                                                                        Image: itp

Some people just don’t have a mute button. You usually get stuck next to these people in the worst spots ever. Places like libraries and public transport: a place where you mind your own business and silence is bliss. I find it that the quieter the surroundings are, the louder they have to talk. I’m not sure how that works, but it always seems to be the case.


7. Queue Jumpers

g                                                                      Image: gopixpics

This annoys the s*** out of everyone. If there is a line, GO TO THE F***ING BACK! That’s the only rules. How hard is it? Do as you’re told. Plain and simple.


8. Dog shit & gum

h                                                                    Image: iworeyogapantsProbably the worst feeling ever. It doesn’t matter if it’s the smell or the awkward foot drag you’re doing. It sucks. If you are a dog owner you have to clean up after your dog. What if I walked into your living room and took a shit right in the middle of it. Would you like it? I doubt it. So bring a bag, don’t bring a bag, I don’t particularly care. Just pick up that turd and dispose of it properly.


9. Coughing & sneezing

i                                                                 Image: ripsinmypockets

Much like ‘eating with your mouth closed’. The rules are simple: just cover your mouth. We don’t want nor like spit anywhere near us, so do the right thing. It’s not that hard. If I wanted bodily fluids I would have paid for it. Enough said.


10. Low riding pants

j                                                                   Image: cmcssdresscode

I’m not exactly sure why low riding pants was ever associated as a ‘gangsta look’. If you asked me it just looks stupid and lazy. Yeah, I can understand that sometimes it might show by accident. But it’s not on purpose. Why on earth would you want people seeing your bare arse or your underwear? Buy a belt, get smaller pants. Problem solved. It’s not rocket science.



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