Most Bizarre Foods From Around The World (Part 2)

Just another installment of the Most Bizarre Foods from Around the World!

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1. Fruit Bat Soup – Guam

Fruit Bat Soup

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So this delightful number is a traditional cuisine from Guam. Preparation is pretty laid back for these soups than it probably should be. First the bat is caught then boiled, then pretty much add some vegetables, some coconut milk and that’s pretty much it. The bat is not tampered with, except for killing it. So throw in the fur, wings, teeth, eyes and anything else that is on bat, because it’s going straight in to be served.

One small thing I forgot to mention. If you are lucky or unlucky enough (depending how you want to see the situation) these fruit bats can carry a boat load of toxins which humans can’t eat. Long story short, have one of these bats who have a stomach load of toxins and it will debilitate you pretty quickly. You see, the toxins which these bats can carry can lead to some serious cerebral deformations; such as Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzhiemers and Lou Gherig’s Disease. Yeah! Stay the hell away from this one!



2. Bull Penis, Yak Penis – South East Asia


Image Credit: Rex Features

Okay, so…. yeah, there’s no real nice way to explain this one. Call it what you will, it’s still a gigantic penis and people divulge in it. I mean the decoration and the garnish looks nice, but the dish itself loses all appeal when the endowment is bigger than the plate it is served on.

The dish itself apparently gives you a boost in libido, which is awesome but, it does seem ironic that you eating this will give you an awesome sex drive. And how on earth do you eat it? There is no right way to approach this monstrosity, even if it had a great taste or texture the terrors that follow may deter anyone who is unfamiliar with it.



3. Shirako – Japan


Image Credit: Flickr

From Japanese this one directly translates to – white child. It’s derived from a cod and usually served in Ponzu (a light soy kind of sauce) raw or lightly cooked depending on the customers preference.

Have you got it yet?

Well it’s cod sperm. Yeah, white child indeed. More commonly known as milt in the western culture and usually disposed of (as you can probably imagine). This dish doesn’t really have any historical or traditional significance as far as I can tell, so it must just come down to the buyer wanting some little fish swimmers in their mouth to fulfill some sort of craving – which I don’t really understand.


4. Cuy Bien – Peru

Cuy Bien

Image Credit: Grandapablogs

Oh Sweet! A cooked animal. Seems unusual to make this list… Well not really. Chances are more likely that you’ve had one of these as pets before any thought of eating it came to mind. You might have even taken it home for the weekend as it was your class pet back in primary school.

This delicious looking animal is your standard guinea pig. Rich in protein and low in fat this household pet might be your perfect meal after the gym! It apparently tastes like chicken (standard response), rats or even rabbits. Doesn’t it make your mouth water?

Well if you want to try one of these at your humble abode, check the local, state or federal laws before you start cooking it. The last thing you want to do is wind up hungry and getting prosecuted for animal cruelty charges.

5. Bugs name it – Worldwide


Image Credit: thesoldgers

So as you already know, we’ve covered a whole heap of bugs already on this list. But, the fascination is still there. Humans over the course of humanity have divulged in bugs. Our ancestors no doubt probably survived off them. But why is it still eaten around the world? Crickets, worms, spiders, ants, wasps, cicadas and the list goes on!

Where ever you may be in the world, I guarantee you there is a local cuisine which is made from some sort of bug. Japan – wasp crackers, Thailand – Cicadas, Australia – Witchetty Grubs etc.

On the positive side it’s probably perfect again for the gym junkie. It is super high in protein and has zero empty calories. A “super-food” perhaps? I hope not.

6. Monkey Brain – China

Image Credit: Flickr

Image Credit: Flickr

It is one of the more controversial dishes in the world. Whilst words like cruel and callous come to mind, I more so think it’s strange. Eating one of our closest ancestors is weird enough, let alone eating its brain.

But it doesn’t stop there. It is said that this dish is consumed whilst the monkey is still alive. But there are very few sources to confirm this so take this information however you wish. Either way the dish is considered very gruesome in all forms of the definition.



7. Cobra’s Heart – Vietnam

Image Credit: Vice

Image Credit: Vice

This traditional dish from Vietnam is said to embody all the positive energy from the snake you are about to eat. Much like the Chinese culture, the Vietnamese adopted this theory and have served cobras for centuries.

The process is quite simple and I do not mean to dishearten anyone, but I don’t mind a dead snake (opposed to an alive venomous one!). Firstly they wrangle the snake and proceed by cutting its head off. Then the blood is drained into a glass and the pulsating heart removed. From there you are expected to grab the heart, drop it into the glass with the blood (with the addition of traditional rice liquor), then down it like you would with a shot of tequila.

Mmmm…. Sounds appetizing right? Well it actually is an appetizer. So be prepared because the rest of the snake is getting cooked up and is making its way to you.



8. Different Wines – South East Asia

Image Credit: gandp2uevietnam

Image Credit: gandp2uevietnam

Image Credit: yorkvision

Image Credit: yorkvision

Said to be a remedy for pretty much anything, these two wines would probably give you nightmares for a while. In China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Korea it is said that once the beverage (which is potent and resembles gasoline) is consumed you must finish by eating what ever the contents may be.

So whether it’s a baby mouse, scorpion or snake you gotta finish it like the worm in a tequila bottle. The only good thing may be the fact that you are belligerently drunk when you finish the bottle.

9. Casu Marzu – Italy

Image Credit: PeopleBulletin

Image Credit: PeopleBulletin

In English, Casu Marzu translates to rotten cheese. This isn’t too strange considering some cheeses are consumed with mold (e.g. Camembert, Brie, Blue). But there is much more to the Casu Marzu than what meets the eye.

The cheese like most cheeses do go through a fermentation process, but unlike regular cheese the Casu Marzu’s fermentation is prolonged to the point whereby the cheese is on the rotting side of things. But that’s not it. To speed things along fly larvaes are introduced.

Once the fly larvae have done their job, the cheese is ready for consumption. Whether you leave the larvae on or not is up to the eater (but traditionally speaking the cheese is not safe for consumption if the larvae are dead on the cheese). Jeez who would have thought!

10. Caterpillar Fungus – Tibet


Image Credit: Black Tomato

This one is known as the “Himalayan Viagra” and is only available in the high Tibetan plateaus. Due to its rarity and scarcity the remedy fetches a high price tag. But what is strange is what they actually are.

The name is a give away but, it is a specific fungus that only attacks ghost moths. When the fungus attacks the larvae of the moth, it mummifies it from the inside, therefore creating that hard, dried out exoskeleton.

My question is how on earth did they find this out. I mean the population of Tibet is very limited to start off with and even lower in the higher altitude areas like the plateaus. Did a farmer just stumble across it and start eating it, only to become horny? Who knows. This ones a mystery for the ages.

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