Check Out The Liwa Desert – Google Camel

People have seen the ‘Trekker’ (the 360 degrees camera) that Google uses to image Google maps. It’s been previously used on cars, bikes and snowmobiles. Well, until now. Google has newly employed a camel named Raffia. Yes, a desert walking mammal with a hump and hooves!

Google has used this opportunity to map a portion of the Liwa Desert in the United Arab Emirates in the thought of attracting tourists to the desert. According to Joyce Baz, Google’s Middle East and North Africa spokeswoman, about “Twenty to 30 percent of the views come from outside the country. We think this really helps people check these locations out before they come to visit.” – Jalopnik


Although people in the masses aren’t going to flock to the desert, it has definitely achieved some great publicity to drive future tourism within the deserted location. According to many travelers of the region, the sight itself is ‘astonishing’ and ‘breathtaking’. I know for certain that this location is on my bucket list of ‘places to visit’.


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