F— YES! 7 Reasons Why We Should Swear

So we’ve all been there before. The time you stubbed your toe, yeah you know the time. The time you couldn’t help but blatantly blur out some obscenities because it was the first thing that came to mind. Not to worry though, you’re not the only one. I f—ing swear all the time. More or less it’s a habitual reaction and a lot of it can be scientifically proven. So those countless times that your mom said not to curse or swear can be a load of shit, well for some parts. I’m not saying you should go to anyone and tell them how you really feel. Morally this is where you have to draw the line, but where’s the f—ing fun in that?

But if you need more convincing on ‘why’ you should swear, here are 7 reasons why we should swear.


1. Pain relief.

Cursing when in pain is actually scientifically proven. Richard Stephens of Keele University in England through his research found that people who swear are able to hold their hands in ice water for twice as long. This was due to the surge of adrenaline associated with swearing, leading and corresponding as an analgesic (a painkiller).

Stephens’ elaborates that, “as we looked into swearing further, it became apparent that it’s actually emotional language, and can make you feel better in certain situations,” he tells the Daily Beast. “If you’re waiting for an ambulance and have no drugs, cursing can actually reduce the feeling of pain.”

But unfortunately for those who are serial offenders or ‘chain swearers’ can be desensitized to their swearing. Pretty much meaning that you’ve built up a tolerance to swearing. If this is the case you might need to bring out the big guns and move from the f’s to the c’s if you know what I mean.


2.  Psychological and physical health.

Increased circulation, elevated endorphins, level headed calmness and an overall bettered well-being are just some of the health benefits associated with swearing.

But to maximize its full benefits, it’s best to use curse words in social and happy settings opposed to an angry and vulgar scenario. Ironically when you swear whilst angry the positives may more so turn into negatives. Increased blood pressure, increased stress, and other repercussions can see you in the back of an ambulance for the wrong reasons.


3. Power and control.


Image: rap.genius

Swearing can assert power and control, which, in essence, lead to individuals with more confidence and higher self-esteem. Whether you are trying to lead or guide people around you or trying to get someone’s attention, it is recognized that swearing can allow you to do so in an assertive manner. Even in television and movies, leading characters do swear to do exactly this: for power and control.


4. Self-expression.

Swearing can be a way of showing that we really mean something or that it is really important to us. You can express passion and drive in an explicit way. Hence why it is commonly seen in sports players.

Swearing also makes us more interesting, more lively. It gives us more substance when we are speaking or making a speech. A Couple of Shit’s and f bombs allows to get your point across better.

5. Humor.


Image: w2wlink

Who doesn’t swear around their friends? I mean being polite and what not is nice but irregular and abnormal. Social settings are usually full of swearing and vulgarity, that’s what makes it hilarious.


6. Peer and social bonding.

Image: hypnothai

Image: hypnothai

Swearing can bring people together. Whether it is to conform to different groups or it is acknowledging members in that group that you are comfortable to be ourselves amongst their company. Studies have also shown that swearing has a strong link with honesty (along with other qualities such as self deprecating, easygoing or are just totally fun/outgoing).

So next time you are in a social setting and someone else is cursing like a sailor, the chances are they want to befriend you or are comfortable with you.


7. Non-violent resolution.

non violent

Image: itcher

Swearing can often have a disarming effect, whereby a bad situation or bad people can be attacked with your hurtful words opposed to safe a fist, knife or worse. Sure swearing in these situations can be hurtful, but consequently speaking you sure as shit would throw a few words over anything tangible.

Swearing can also serve as a warning or as a marker of authority. You would often hear this in the later parts of your evenings out on the town. Essentially a barking match between two people or groups. “Come here and say that you f—ing blah blah blah”, “I’ll f—ing kill you, you *$#%”. Shit like that.

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