FIFA Puskas Award: Nominations for Goal of the Year

It’s that time of the year again! The race to determine who takes the inaugural crown of ‘goal of the year’. The 10 nominees like always have stunned the soccer community when they did the unimaginable. If previous winners are anything to go by the goals must be spectacular! If you want see the benchmark of the ‘best’, check out the 2009 winner Christiano Ronaldo and last year’s winner Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Total stunners.

Yeah, I know. They are amazing! Now you know what it takes to earn the ‘goal of the year’. But now for this year’s nominees. 10 fine players from all around the world. Who will take the hardware home this year? You be the judge.

James Rodriguez

Colombia’s James Rodriguez chests the ball over his head and first times the ball with an amazing volley. Watch it crash in off the underside of Uruguay’s crossbar.


Diego Costa

Nothing like an overhead goal. Not quite like Zlatan’s, but nonetheless awesome!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

His back again! He can’t out do last years goal, but his footwork in this one is still rivaling some of the world’s best!


Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill has smashed this one past the Dutch keeper on the world’s biggest stage. Unreal!


Camilp Sanvezzo

 A scissor kick into the back of the net. You won’t see a prettier goal scored in the MLS!


Robin Van Persie

RVP knows how to finish when the opportunity arises. No matter who he’s playing for and playing against, he performs to the best of his ability.


Marco Fabian

 The perfect weight, the perfect angle and the perfect control. That’s all it took for this remarkable goal. He makes it look too easy.


Hisato Sato

 A quick swivel and shoot. Pinpoint accuracy to put this one over the keepers head and into the top corner of the goals. Nothing but class!


Stephanie Roche

 Can Stephanie be the first female to take the crown? She definitely is in contention for the title!


Pajtim Kasami

 I’m not even sure how he got that in. An unbelievable shot from an almost impossible angle.


Now that you’ve seen them all, who will you vote for? Comment below about your thoughts or put your vote in now before it’s too late.

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