“Let me cut to the chase” – Greatest Tinder Message

The Greatest Tinder Message

Now forget about the one-liners. Check this out. For those of you who are not familiar with Tinder, Tinder is a hate or date app which you can use on your mobile phone. It allows you to flick through profiles of thousands upon thousands of candidates, and if you ‘like’ you hit the green tick or if you ‘don’t like’ you hit the red cross. Simple right?

So as long as both parties ticked the green ‘like’ button you now have the choice to start a conversation. As you can imagine, in most cases on Tinder, it usually entails the male making a cheesy or vulgar sexual advance on the female. Well, not in this case.

This time around a male named Derek has messaged a female named Jules Geary and let me tell you this. The man deserves a standing ovation and a lap of honor. This could be the greatest Tinder message ever. Check out Derek’s fine work.


the greatest tinder message ever 02

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