Internet Action Force – Who?

You may have heard of the Internet Action Force in recent times through a friend of yours posting more crap on your Social Media accounts feed. Or like the rest of us, you have no idea they exist. I certainly didn’t until I was shown one of their videos by a friend of mine. And while he did show it to me with the intention of making me laugh, it wasn’t in a good way.

unimpressed polar bear


Who Is The Internet Action Force?


The Internet Action Force is self-described as the world’s first rapid-response team of highly trained, socially awkward digital nerds. Its mission is to produce viral videos about current and socially trending topics while finding the best of the Internets weirdest and wackiest while sparking original conversations. If that description wasn’t thought-provoking enough for you, guess what? They’re owned by News Corp.

That’s right. The massive mediaopoly owned by Rupert Murdoch. The same guy who congratulated his media outlet for capturing the bloody outcome of the Sydney Siege in December 2014. He is also the founder of the company that also controls the likes of The Wall Street Journal and 21st Century Fox has purpose-built IAF to create a buzzworthy viral content website to compete with many of your favourite boredom-killing sites such as this one. You would think that with all that seemingly push-button cash flow that runs through the global veins of this giant that they would hit the ground running a short time after their launch. Well, that’s not the case

In fact, News Corp Chief Executive Robert Thomson has come out and said some not so nice, and in my opinion, inaccurate things about humor juggernaut Buzzfeed. He even went on to ironically say “There is so much rubbish that is passed off as journalism.” At least he’s got this one right. After all, the man who is in charge of the parent company of FOX News should know. 



What Are They Doing Wrong?


Short answer. Not enough action. 

Not only do their videos lack the humor and personality that the likes of Buzzfeed, Break, and BoredomBash put out there, they also seem to struggle with people actually viewing their content – single digit YouTube views. And that’s not to mention the distinct anti-social shares. 

At the time of me writing this review on this supposed “next big thing” they were boasting just under a thousand Twitter followers with almost double the amount of Tweets. This is the Twitter account of a News Corp run website that is supposed to be a recognized force on the internet. Albeit an action force. 

Maybe it’s me. Or possibly it’s the lackluster and bland front page, or the WordPress logo in the footer, or just the cold feeling I get when looking at their page (maybe Ruperts over my shoulder). But seriously. Where are these guys spending their budget? 

They have a dude with an impressive resume who was the former Managing Editor of Team Coco, John DeVore, a man known for creating funny shit, as their current Chieftain Editor-in-chief combined with a team of comedians and nerds tasked with producing stuff for you to lol over. With this team at their disposal (get it? rubbish reference) and presumably an extended entourage of titular characters doing whatever it is they do, why haven’t they made a bigger impact? Surely they could just buy some publicity? Or you know…. Publish it?!

I think it lies with the fact that they are owned by an organization that people love to hate which is now making an attempt at something they appear to be out of their depth about. Funny shit. 

And what’s with the name? Internet Action Force? IAF? Are they cops? A digital SWAT team ready to unleash in a fury of badassery? 

I thought IAF stands for Indian Air Force. Or if I had to guess, Interspeciel Ambiguous Fennec. 

A fennec sleeping because he just saw internet action force.

This is a Fennec. Cute yeah?


What’s Next For Internet Action Force? 


If the Institute of Anecdotal Fossors is going to make an impact on the interwebz, they need to make changes and stop digging their own grave. There is potential for it to join the ranks of Funny or Die and Bored Panda and become a force in the fight of saving the world from boredom, but can they place such a plan into action?

Unless they pick up their game and venture down the path that has been paved before them and add their own unique footprint, I can’t see them doing anything different to make people laugh other than having an owner who hilariously ruined Myspace in spectacular fashion. 

Myspace is deadSource:


Where Does IAF Go From Here?


While IAF is still in its infancy and is making the learn-as-you-go mistakes that people, businesses, and organizations make when starting out, they have the ability to give themselves a massive headstart while entering this new market. And while it appears they have made a dog’s breakfast of their lunch launch, they can still recover handsomely with the right business moves. I suggest they hire a cat. They seem to know what’s going on in internet land.

internet action force needs more cats


In half-hearted seriousness, they need to shake the stigma given to them by almost every website to write about them that they are trying to copy Buzzfeed. While mimicking a successful model can be a good idea, originality is what brings in the numbers and makes their newly appointed Tabby Editor-in-chief a good pussy. 



A Parting Thought


I think they should stop viewing other viral content and humor websites as the competition, and show some respect to them as the pioneers and trendsetters that are responsible for their very existence. And after it’s all said and done, I hope the IAF can live up to their ambitious goals with no ragrets along the way and learn from their lunch launch to create something palatable that doesn’t leave that lingering stench of a rotting pile of waste, for lack of a better word.

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