The iPhone 6 – Will It Affect Apple?

It has been a HUGE week at Apple in regards with the new launch of their heavily anticipated iPhone 6. People around the world are anxious to get their hands on the 2 models which were respectively Apple’s 9th and 10th generations. But has the Apple revolution come to a halt with the latest editions? Short answer, No. Long answer, the sky’s the limit.


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Sure there have been some speculations and flaws which are to be addressed by the current lines, but Apple as a whole are reaching new heights with the newly released lines.

You’d have to be oblivious to technology if you didn’t think Apple has had an impact on the modern day culture. Through the resurgence of the brand in the early to mid-2000’s, Apple quickly became an icon for revolutionizing the mp3 market. Then they moved to the mobile phone market and they haven’t looked back since.

This is all fantastic and all, but, the fact is the brand has become ingrained within the current society. Apple (even with the tightened market in regards to direct competitors)  has one of the world’s best retention rates. In this day and age, if you are considered as a ‘luddite’ the world would be a really difficult place. But Apple has incorporated all their products which are user-friendly to the point that kids under 5 are using it. Crazy right? Well, not so much when the phones were first released and targeted to a younger demographic.

Regardless to that the Apple brand has become something that is more so a cult following. Hundreds of millions have purchased, owned or switched over to the iPhone purely because of the amount of followers – the trend that it has created is the next level.

Looking at the numbers globally, the iPhone has sold approximately 550 million units over the period between 2007 and now, which equates to about 1 in every 13 owning an iPhone. Now putting the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus into the picture will realize how big this has gone. 1

Critics from all around the world have been hyping up the release of the phones. Business Insider quotes that “They’re big. They’re beautiful. They’re nearly perfect”.

Gizmag – “just might be my favorite Apple mobile device to date”.

IGN – “the iPhone 6 merges the best of its existing elements and those of its competitors to create a seriously polished and harmonious smartphone experience. Whether obvious or subtle, the improvements this time around are substantial and truly meaningful throughout, making the iPhone 6 not only Apple’s top effort to date, but also one of the best smartphones of any kind”.

Reviews were fantastic and everything was looking up. Apple was ready to reveal the new phone to the world and regain a similar spot in the market – No. 1.

Well, that’s what everyone thought was going to happen, for the most part until revelations were made about the iPhone 6 plus being a weak and unstable product. Through many viral videos, it can be observed an ‘every day Joe’ can literally bend the phone with his own hands. Pretty much in a long story short – potentially jeopardizing Apple’s move into the “phablet” market.


What is dubbed as the “bendgate” has taken the internet by storm? Sure these videos are somewhat damning to Apple’s credibility, but, other competitors have opted to make social media campaigns samsungin regards to ‘what’ they think about their products. A clever ploy by the respective marketing teams (It’s all fun and games when it’s not their company).

So where does this leave Apple? Well, honestly they are probably going to bounce back really quickly. Sure they have had some complications over this new scandal and the fact that the ‘bugs’ which were attached to the latest i0S update cost them an absolute fortune (approx $19.4 billion in share price), but in retrospect, the intuitive and creative initiative they took to get them this far is only going to continue.

People may be up in arms about it right now, but with the critics giving it the best acknowledgment they have ever given for an Apple phone, these mishaps may be forgiven. Technologically, it isnokia the soundest than its ever been and for once it is very competitive with what’s available on the current market. Sure they have been behind the 8-ball more often than not, but their brand image and global culture they have created have led them to dictate the market as they pleased.

And the final say would be: Buy it or not the company is probably going to record its highest sales ever in the next two quarters and with the holidays around the corner this is only going to benefit them even more. This will allow Apple to go from strength to strength, making them very hard to remiss due to its popularity and only something catastrophic will stop this ball from rolling.



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