The Battle For The Black Burger – Japan Edition


They say “never judge a book by its cover”, but this time around you have every right to speculate and proceed cautiously.

Earlier this month, out of nowhere Burger King in Japan released their “Kuro” (black in Japanese) burger range. It took no time for the media to take over and note this seemingly unappetizing line.

Burger King released two new lines to add to their repertoire; the Kuro Diamond (left) and Kuro Pearl (right). In regards to which one is more popular is yet to be heard but, the Kuro Pearl has been the talk around the town purely because of its all black appearance (Black buns, black cheese, black sauce and no salad unlike its counterpart). The pair together had raised eyebrows all over the world, which in the scheme of things have been a clever ploy by the marketing and product development teams at Burger King.

Burger King

Now to the most recent move by Burger Kings competitor: McDonalds.

Unlike Burger King just releasing a strange line for no apparent reason, McDonalds has released it for the upcoming festivities of Halloween. “Nothing says spooky like a black burger. Right?”

But the difference been that it looks slightly more palatable. I mean it definitely avoided the ‘everything black’ appeal that Burger King approached head on. But that appeal might be lost quickly due to the poor naming choice of this burger. The ‘ikasumi’ burger directly translates to ‘squid ink’ burger. Yeah, an odd choice when it comes to coloring and flavoring your burgers.


But if there is anything to be learned from the battle of the black burgers, it’s that, the color of cheese is an important deciding factor. When you look at both burgers, your eye immediately associates cheese being the brightest color within a burger; bright yellow. Its just how it is. Everybody knows that cheese is yellow. The oozing glory that fast food cheese provides us with keeps us coming back for more. Well, at least for me it does.

But when you tamper with it, it just comes across as off-putting. Just imagine it. Any color other than yellow; blue, red and green for example sake. You second guess eating it. I have absolutely no doubt that it tastes exactly like cheese should, but when something changes we instantly dismiss it. We are picky at what we put through our body. Ironic right?

Whether to try it or not is up to you. Like most things, curiosity gets the best of us and people around town who have tried it don’t mind this concoction. Quite frankly some people even like it. But the word of mouth only gets me through the doors of my local McDonalds. It doesn’t exactly get me trying something as distinctive or unusual like this.

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