Never Google Your Name

Most of the time Googling your own name is seen innocent enough. I mean, I personally have done it and I’d imagine many people out there also have. But reddit user ‘zrunny’ was taken by surprise when he typed his name into Google. He discovered a photo of himself. That doesn’t seem strange and almost expected. But the catch is the fact that the photo was of a person over 70 years ago. An experience that can only be seen as a heart-stopping event. In his case, this is why you never google your name.

Everything from the beard with the mustache, the nose, and the smile almost matched perfectly. Almost too perfect one may think.

Understandably internet users are very skeptical with the photo. Many users believe that the photo has been doctored and made to resemble. But others have also dubbed him as ‘the first known time traveler’ ever, which seems quite plausible if zrunny himself wasn’t so confused about the situation.

All in all this may be the biggest coincident or an amazing publicity stunt. Making one thing certain that either way this was an awesome share to the world.

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