Parenting Level: Dad – The Practical, Creative and Lazy

Over the course of the human existence, it has been considered common knowledge that women are just born with the nurturing instincts to take care of the parenting side of things. But in reality that is just stereotyping women. Women especially in this modern day and age are more inclined to looking for a successful career path before their pursuit for a family life. Even then, depending on the kind of career or her place within the hierarchy, she may opt to go straight back to work after giving birth. Meanwhile, this means that the father (usually) becomes a stay at home dad.

This is when it gets funny! Dads, (although I am generalizing) are often creative in unusual but somewhat practical ways. Whether it’s the way we think differently to find solutions or we are just plain lazy, from inside of our heads we automatically crown ourselves as ‘geniuses’. It’s just how it is. It’s exactly like in cartoons when that light bulb goes off on top of the head. Let’s be honest it’s not always going to be successful, but you can’t dismiss us for trying and having a laugh along the way. So here are some photos that show practicality, creativeness and laziness of the modern day Dad.

When you don’t want your kids to ruin your high score, but you need to keep the kids occupied within your supervision.

Gaming Dad                                    Dump a Day

Turn a chore into some fun.

Bubble Baby                                    Imgur

Dad’s and their jokes. Sometimes they’re just priceless.

Dad Jokes                                    Imgfave

Even mums know that simple tasks can be difficult.

Baby Clothes                                    Themetapicture

Play it safe, Protection Comes First!

Funny Dad                                    Neeny

Teaching kids about confidence is crucial!

Baby Clothing                                    Dump a Day

Don’t have a pram? No Problem!

Holding your kids                                    Imgur

A trolley can carry a baby and groceries. Genius!

Shopping with baby                                    Dump a Day

Outsourcing your work can often be easier.

Modern Dad                                    SenorGif

A little quiet time never hurt anyone.

Taped Child                                    Tony Hawk – Instagram

Sometimes you just have to play along.

Little Red Riding Hood                                    Imgur

It entertains cats and small children.

Cat like Baby                                    Imgur

Tony Hawk is most certainly doing the whole ‘dad’ thing right. And just as an added bonus his nails look phenomenal!

Tony Hawk                                    Tony Hawk – Instagram

Boy is she going to regret signing this. Life lesson learnt: Always read the contract before signing!

Graduation Photo                                    Imgur

Hot tip for all fathers out there.

Merry Christmas                                    likealaugh

Save your money on furniture. Just get a baby. Baby = Table.

Multitasking                                    Dump a Day

“You’re in good hands”. Well, feet for this scenario.

Lazy Dad                                    Dump a Day

Breaking News: Baby helmets are the next big thing!

Dressing the child                                    Dump a Day

Culturing your child is always important.

Facebook Dad                                    Imgur

“Oh, they grow up so fast”.

Eyebrows on Kids                                    Imgur

“It’s feeding time” – Dad feeds his child from his newly formed mammary gland.

Feeding                                     Imgur

She’s quite the stylist!

Hairstyle for him and her                                    Dump a Day

Sometimes this is just easier than explaining why.

Cleaning the Baby                                    likealaugh

Trampolines are things of the past.

Playtime                                    4Gif

Dad really knows how to multitask!

Beer with dad                                    xhkong

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