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Back in July, Zach Brown from Ohio wouldn’t have thought there would be anyone out there to support his Kickstarter campaign. His initial goal was to achieve a measly ‘$10’ to create his first potato salad. Something which more or less created as a joke.

But something unexpected happened. From somethingpotato salad 1 that was so insignificant as making his first potato salad, came thousands and thousands of dollars of donations. Precisely $55,492! His dream was becoming a reality in no time. Admittedly he accepted the fact that “It might not be that good. It’s my first potato salad.”

potato 1

AP Photo/The Columbus Dispatch, Jenna Watson

Before he knew it, his campaign was overwhelming and things had to be carefully planned in order to please his donors. Something elaborate had to be planned to celebrate the generosity he received. And sure enough he produced. I present to you PotatoStock 2014!

potato 2

AP Photo/The Columbus Dispatch, Jenna Watson

With sponsors, publishers, TV appearances and chefs on board with the idea, it was time to set the scene (and perhaps something that could turn into a yearly event in Columbus). The event took place in downtown Columbus featuring, bands, beers, loads of potatoes and other entertainment; like sack races (which couldn’t have been more fitting).

Brown with the help of many posted an event for charity raising money for the Columbus Foundation, a local charity close to his heart. Regardless to how much was donated, Lisa Jolley, the foundation’s director of donors and development mentions that, “This may have started out as a little fun with potato salad, but it’s something different now. It’s an opportunity to make the world a better place. Those opportunities don’t come around every day.”

Rightfully Brown has won the attention of millions around the world, and we all hope that he continues making his mark through his quirky but creative ways. I mean the possibilities are endless considering that this all started with a small dream of a potato salad.

So from us at Save My Boredom, “Peace, Love & Potato Salad”.


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