Protest Signs That Lightens The Mood

Fighting for a cause is hard work. Seriously! The hours spent to voice your opinion can be both mentally and physically exhausting. Quite often you have to fight the elements, whether it’s the large crowds, the naysayers or even the weather. With perseverance, it gives your cause a glimmer of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel.

But the thing about most protests is that the air is tense and rightfully so. If you are raising alarms on something you believe in you have every right to believe and raise your issue. It’s the freedom of speech. Regardless if the cause itself is acutely narrow-minded, misdirected or naive, you have every right to let it be known.

But then, there are certain people who just lighten the mood with their own opinions, their views on the matter at hand. Since the times of the traditional picket lines there has always been ‘that’ protest sign that you reflect back on. The one that invokes and portrays the message in a hilarious matter. Well, most of the time… Some of the following photos are for the cause, against the cause and nonsensical, but they share one thing in common. They are hilarious! Enjoy!


Stereotypes scream Jihad. Well, you’ve been mistaken.

Relax Protest

Sacrifices must be made…

Don't mess with mexicans

I’d have to agree…

My Wrist

I even think this is pushing the limits.


Nom Nom Nom!

Nom Nom Nom

I’m not exactly sure what they are fighting for…


Facts are facts.


Words of wisdom.

Pull Out

Feel the rage!




The truth often hurts.

Tired arms

At least it stands out.

Too Big

Sometimes the struggle is real and the argument is valid.


Some are really confused. But yelling addresses the problems validity. Right?

What are we yelling about



Some protesters really know the facts.


Never argue with Batman. Wait.. what?!


Think harder, your beliefs must be more than ‘liking’ turtles.



Clown or not. The man presents a good case to the congressional committee.


Fashion Police. You never know where they will be.


Wizardry would have fixed everything!


The guy in the front is getting in the way of the real news.


hand Jobs

“Why are you here?”

I hate crowds

Yeah, he totes knows what’s up.

Marriage Equality Supporters March And Rally In San Francisco

Wrong place wrong time or right place right time?




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