The Social World is a Visual World

I’m not overly sure if the world has just become lazier or if we are just forever adapting to the never ending change which make us seem lazy. Either way, it is fascinating (or depressing) to think that everything that keeps you entertained fits into the palm of your hands (and I’m not speaking about, well you know what I’m talking about….). Since the days of industrialization, the human race has had significant technological improvements, and that is irrefutable. Otherwise we may still be talking to each other on a face to face basis, and who the hell wants to do that anymore? *sigh*. #thesadtruth. Yeah, my bad, that was impulsive of me.

But you know what. Everyone knows that the # symbol is directly associated with Twitter. Frankly who would have ever thought that a # would ever become iconic in any way? These subtle cues among others are visually stimulating and are responsible for why we are more ‘visual’ than ever before. Simply put, visual sells. That’s why most successful advertising campaigns are done visually. Sure the other senses like hearing, touch, smell and taste have impact on the audience but nothing like seeing, looking, watching or staring would. Let’s take a fast food ad, for example. You see a picture of the burger, and you think to yourself, “I can eat, I’m hungry and I want one now”. The chances are if you’ve had one of those burgers before you can imagine it through the four other senses. Compulsively we have become a much more visual society than say 30 or 40 years ago.

If non-verbal communication is anything to go by, the studies conducted earlier this year by SmartDraw insisted that we are now communicating non-verbally 93% of the time.And of that 93% about four-fifths of it is through visual interactions. Totally mind blowing stuff right?

Well, I may be slightly presumptuous, but I don’t see this slowing down at all. You see everything from Twitter and Facebook, right through to Tinder are all platforms which incorporate visual stimulus’, and I guarantee you that the photos or videos on these digital platforms have got the most likes, retweets or shares. Go through your Facebook feed right now! You’ll notice that status updates with just words don’t get nearly as many likes on it compared to someone doing a duck face or are off on their vacation.

This is no surprise though. Images and videos don’t take as much thought to process, opposed to reading someone’s status. This is how the human mind is programmed. We like stupid, funny, clever in picture form. It is why the social world is a visual world. How else could angry cat be so popular on the internet?

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