Top 5 Conspiracy Theories

People can often think you are pretty crazy when you start bringing up conspiracy theories in general conversation. Much like religion, they roll their eyes and turn a blind eye to avoid conflict, whether they, believe it or not. It simply gets dismissed. Conspiracy theories have been around as long as secret societies have been around. But with modern technology and the availability to communicate with a mass audience has allowed these theories to be put under the microscope.

In definition a conspiracy theory is, “a theory that explains an event as being the result of a plot by a covert group or organization; a belief that a particular unexplained event was caused by such a group”. It may be generalizing a bit, but they are usually governments or bodies within a government (since secret societies are… well…secrets!). Everything from the recent MH17 disappearance to the assassination of JFK is considered as conspiracy theories. And why shouldn’t they be? Realistically there is too many inconsistencies in what the story may be. When looked into with great detail the coincidences that match are far greater than what it should be to be called a ‘coincident’. Facts just don’t match up, and human instinct dictates us to question a theory to prove it wrong. To uncover the real truth.

So where does that leave us? Well, there are still many conspiracies which are deemed as ‘hot topics’. Here are 5 most talked about conspiracy theories around the world.

Roswell/ Area 51

Image: pararational

So the story goes back to 1947 when a civilian discovered debris which seemed foreign and something he had never seen before. Shortly after the discovery, a local military base released some conflicting information on the debris. Due to this, the local newspapers picked this story up, which brings us to today.

Hundreds and thousands of enthusiasts travel from all over the world to check out what is a military checkpoint and a whole lot of desert.The area is specifically known for the sightings of extraterrestrial activity, where mysterious sightings have been mentioned by many, but nothing conclusive have ever come about of it. It seems this may be a strange belief system at first, but the conspiracy has barely scratched the surface.

The foundations that make this mystery a conspiracy theory is what the government has disclosed to us. They have spoken very little about what the debris was and what the grounds of Area 51 actually is. The base’s primary purpose is unknown to the public. ‘Top secret’ they say. The CIA has openly mentioned that the base does very much exist but have not mentioned what the nature of the secrecy is.

The conspiracies of the base include everything from; aliens, exotic weapon development, time travel and a ‘one world government’ base.

Historically speaking the base could very much be a testing and development site for the military, but the failure to answer the questions does make us believe what it actually may be. It comes across sneaky and deviant, which makes this theory somewhat plausible.


Global Warming

global-warming                      Image: scienceblogs

Most of the world believes that this is actually scientifically proven and there shouldn’t be any hidden agendas. Understandably this one is quite difficult to misconstrue, well one would think. Undeniably I am still a skeptic of the matter, as it is shooting a really really long bow, but the big picture said about the ‘global warming’ conspiracy is that it is basically one of the biggest hoaxes around.

What theorists believe is that, the purpose for the theory ‘global warming’ is for monetary purposes because the study lacks integrity? Hard to believe right?

Like most conspiracy theory, there are many contradictory theories which follow the one. Theories such as;

  • The UN is trying to take over the US. Groups such as the World Economic Forum, the Club of Rome, the Aspen Institute, the Fabian Society and Communist China are pushing to overrule the US through the powers of the UN
  • Scientists, Environmentalists, and Politicians are trying to take over the world by forcing conformity and using propaganda through political influence.
  • The ‘Green Scam’. The thought of all scientists having shares in the renewable energy sector.
  • The ploy to promote nonCo2 emissions such as nuclear power
  • To gain control over corporations through carbon emission taxes.

It is all well and good to believe in something but…. really guys? From the extensive research, the underlying conspiracy theory almost goes unmentioned. That being the fact that between 2003 and 2010 $7 billion were spent by billionaires around the world to fund ‘anti-global warming (AGW)’ organizations.

Put super rich people with lots of power in one room financing the same cause. That seems like they’re up to something suspicious. Some may say a conspiracy!


The AIDS Virus

VIRUS                      Image: healtone

This one is a little sensitive. So back in 1981 the AIDS virus was mysteriously found amongst several dozen gay men in both east and west coast of America. Seems peculiar right? Why would something like AIDS start so erratically? Well, everyone at first thought the promiscuity and the lifestyle of these men played a major role in it. But soon after, the virus had spread across both homosexual and heterosexual people, and before they knew it the viral strain had traveled to Africa.

Currently in the USA alone there is about 1 million people infected, whilst the world death total is about 20 million. A modern day epidemic. Scientists believe that the root of the cause was one of our ancestors, the chimpanzees.

But the theorists believed otherwise.

They believe that the theory begins in late 1979, when Hepatitis B drugs were being trialed amongst gay men. The trial went for approximately a year ending in late 1979 and about 2 years before the rise of the epidemic. Initial vaccines were developed in chimpanzees (why scientists thought the outbreak began) whereby success levels were incredibly successful at first. The drug seemed very positive and was arising as a form of treatment for those with HIV, the number one cause of AIDS.

But only time told the difference whereby patients were starting to get sicker and eventuating to an untimely demise. By this time numbers, the of victims were rising drastically and there was nothing slowing it down. A ploy theorists believed that was specifically designed to kill the gays and the African Americans.

Other wild accusations have been made in regards to Richard Nixon and the CIA, whereby the executive decision was made by Nixon when he combined the US Army’s Bio-warfare Department with the National Cancer Institute in 1971. This made many African nations who are overridden with the deadly virus to believe that it was deployed by the US government.



911                      Image: Daily Mail

Most people are very familiar with the tragedies that struck on September 11th, 2001. It is still fresh in our minds like it was yesterday. Many innocent lives were lost and many theories have risen from it. This probably has the most global recognition as an official conspiracy theory.

The attacks at first were believed to be conducted by al-Qaeda an Islamic terrorist organization. But since the attacks, many are believing the possibilities of a conspiracy involving the government as a form of a ‘false flag operation’ waging a war on terror.

Rather plausible for a capitalist government who were falling behind economically. And what better way to generate billions and billions of dollars by starting a war.

Everything from the planes crashing through the twin towers to the crash site at the Pentagon does not seem to add up. There are way too many inconsistencies which revolve around that horrific day to make you believe that it was ‘just’ the terror organization causing all this havoc.

Even George Bush has been reportedly been involved in this fiasco and nothing screams right wing aggression like starting a war!


New World Order

new-world-order                           Image: quietmike

It is said the New World Order (NWO) in short is a group of powerful people from around the world forming an alliance to create a government to eventually overrun the world. Secret societies such as the Illuminati and the Free Masons are those who we are talking about.

Take the Illuminati, for example. They were first established in 18th century Germany but are apparently responsible for the pyramid and eye symbol on the US $1 bill. How does that even happen? Well, it is thought that secret societies are full of people who have excessive power in modern society: the mover and shakers.

The Free Masons claims that they’re the oldest and largest society in the world. The have had members like George Washington. Yeah, the first President of the USA. This is believed to be ‘only scratching the surface’ with other high ranking elites amongst the society.

What makes this conspiracy scary is the fact that if it were to be true, they can be hiding as a very public figure? Someone who is hiding in plain site. Anyone from politicians to multinational CEO’s can very much be a part of this exclusive society and whose to know until they strike.

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