The Ultimate Branding – The Brands Who Became A Noun

In this day and age, for whatever we do throughout our days we are surrounded by the products, the brands and the companies who provide us with an audible or visual sense of what ‘the’ specific thing they are selling us. They try to provoke our emotions (whether it’s fear, sadness, happiness, empathy or curiosity) to achieve their ultimate goal, to make a sale.

Often we make associations to the particular brands for when asked for a specific item. In this scenario, the branding of the product is rather exceptional. But, in this article we are not here to talk about ‘exceptional’ brands, we are here to discuss those brands who have done an ‘extraordinary’ job in branding themselves. Those brands you do not think about, but are regularly used in the human vernacular that we do not even need to make an association.


Brands which are in the sense used more or less as a noun you think as a word rather than a brand. This may sound confusing, but let me give you some examples of brands which you don’t particularly think of as brands.



Yes, it is a face tissue. One of the most commonly used products in the world. Its purposes are much more than its initial purpose. For the face. Get your head out of the gutter, I know what you were thinking.

But people have incorporated this everyday product into their everyday vocabulary. How often do you hear people ask you for a ‘Kleenex’ opposed to its actual name ‘face tissue/tissue’?


Band Aid

What would you normally call this?


Well, if you answered ‘bandaid’ that is the name of the brand. Without the brand name, this would be called an adhesive bandage.

Since the time the band-aid was released by Johnson & Johnson, people have associated any form of adhesive bandage as its better-known association as the ‘bandaid’.

Simply astonishing how something so simple has made its mark as a monopoly on the shelves and in our minds…


Bubble Wrap


I bring to you ‘inflated air’, AKA Bubble Wrap.

Ironically trademarked by a company called ‘Sealed Air’ since 1957 and originally designed as a form of wallpaper and insulation. But over the decades it has evolved to protect fragile items and serve a purpose for amusing millions and millions of people all around the world.



When was the last time you or as a matter of fact anyone said let’s ‘yahoo’ it, ‘bing’ it or even ‘live’ it? Now day’s it’s all about Google! Google, Googled or even Googling is a word used by millions (if not billions) which in the literal sense is to use the search engine and has been rightfully made its place into Oxford dictionary.



Humans love it, dogs love it and since 1957, the ‘flying disk’ has been better known as the Frisbee. Created by the toy manufacturers known as Wham-O who established their presence over the decades by selling some of the top selling toys of the century, such as; Hacky Sack, Hula Hoop, Slip N Slide, Super Ball and Silly String. (And you know what, they are all still trademarked by them to this day)

Sticky NoteBefore 1977, it makes it seem like there was no such thing as a ‘sticky note’. I hate to imagine the real life horror people must have been through putting paper with sticky tape. But regardless this invention can be seen at work, homes and inappropriate places where sticky tape and paper would have been a regretful decision.



Did you know that a ‘Realtor’ is a trademarked word?

It is used by the public, the media, and even real estate agents. Pretty much if you sell a house, you are seen as a ‘Realtor’. But the term is a legally recognised trademark of the National Association of Realtors and the members of this association are recognised as, you guessed it, Realtors.




Other notable mentions include; (With their generic name and trademarked company)

Astroturf – Artificial Turf – Monsanto Company

Dumpster – Front Loader Waste Container – Dempster Brothers Inc

Hoola Hoop – Toy Hoop – Wham-O

Jet Ski – Stand-up Personal Watercraft – Kawasaki

Onesies – Infant/Adult Bodysuit – Gerber Products Company

Photoshop – Photo Manipulation – Adobe Systems

Ping Pong – Table Tennis – Parker Brothers

Stanley Knife – Utility Knife – Stanley Works

Superglue – Cyanoacrylate Glue – Super Glue Corporation

Taser – Electroshock Weapon/Stun Gun – Taser International

Velcro – Hook and Loop Fastener – Velcro Company

Wite-Out – Correction Fluid – Societe Bic

Xerox – Photocopier – Xerox


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