The World’s 10 Most Dangerous Sports

When you think dangerous sports your mind usually goes to the ‘extreme’ pretty much immediately. Don’t worry that’s natural. Extreme sports are usually the most dangerous sports in the world. But to find the appropriate stats for the amount of deaths can be a real ‘iffy’ subject. Let’s be honest no one wants to walk into death. It’s gloomy and depressing. On top of that we don’t want people to stop testing the limits of their ability. People love being outdoors, the rush of adrenaline and trying new things. Life would just be boring if we didn’t explore the ‘dangerous’ every now and then.

Whilst on my research for the ‘most dangerous sports,’ I came across this infographic which provided us with a lot of insight into what sports are dangerous, and what defines it to be dangerous. Although the list does not include some of the obvious sports (and

includes some that I don’t particularly agree about), it is rather informative and some thought has been through it.

This list would be rather different if it was, ‘what sports are the most hazardous’, as they are composed with sports which are played by millions around the United States.

For those who are curious the top 5 most hazardous sports in the US are (according to Forbes):

1. Basketball

2. Bicycling

3. Football

4 & 5: Riding an ATV, moped or mini bike

In my belief, the infographic is more so informing us of the ‘deaths’ associated with the sports per capita. As you can imagine there are far fewer people who participate in heli-skiing or base jumping opposed to basketball or football. And the chances of you dying in a game of basketball, would have to be practically at zero opposed to base jumping.

Either way, anything within the list can be potentially life threatening. So you better make the most of it!



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