Zero F*@#’s Given

No matter how level headed or by the book you may be, there come certain points in life where you just give up caring about what people think of you. Starring eyes and judgement just go out the window and you succumb to a point where you just don’t give a f*@#! If you want to do it, then just do it. Why make it hard for yourself to conform to your surroundings? There’s no need for that. So check out 22 prime examples of “zero f*@#’s given”.

1. Hygiene is a priority

aImage: Imgur


2. Educate yourself where ever you may be

bImage: Imgur


3. The cleaner gives into nothing

cImage: Imgur



dImage: memecenter


5. Celebrate in style

eImage: Pinterest


6. Make yourself at home

fImage: Imgur


7. How about a nap

gImage: Imgur


8. Feel the breeze


9. Walking is for suckers

hImage: 501fucksidontgive


10. Just go over me

iImage: Imgur


11. Saluting is overrated

j jjImage: 501fucksidontgive


12. I’m guessing it’s early in the morning

lImage: Imgur


13. Going places

mImage: Imgur


14. Just a slight interference with the shot

nImage: Imgur


15. Just enjoying the view

UntitledImage: Unknown


16. Quite the ride

oImage: media.moddb


17. I do what I want!

pImage: funnyjunk


18. He ain’t moving for no train

qImage: Imgur


19. Travel in comfort

rImage: faxo


20. Priorities were made

GIFSec.comImage: democraticunderground


21. Eat like no one is watching you

tImage: knowyourmeme


22. When you’re tired, you’re tiredvImage: Imgur


23. Protective gear is all he needs

uImage: reddit



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